Food For Thought April 12, 2016

The truly scary thing about undiscovered lies is that they have a greater capacity to diminish us than exposed ones. They erode our strength, our self-esteem, our very foundation.



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Stay At Home MOM

I am a stay at home Mom and I am here to tell you this is a lot harder than it looks. I worked the first year of my daughters life and I found it a lot easier to go to work and either my husband or myself go and pick our daughter up from my mom or his. That’s right, our moms shared in taking care of our little one while we worked. We came to realization that our moms couldn’t watch her forever and that if I continued to work, she would have to go to daycare. We started doing the math, how much does it really cost for me to work? To make a long story short, when we added up the cost of daycare, both of our cars and eating out decided I should stay home. Um, yup I was not going to work outside the home and still come home to cook dinner. I never cooked before I had my daughter, I always ate out. I had a very stressful management position and I did well to get my butt to the gym after work, let alone cook.

stay-at-home-momFinally, I was able to quit my stressful job and leave that life behind. I will never miss the stress, unrealistic expectations, dealing with unmotivated employees and rude clients. As much as I don’t miss that job, there are times when I wished I worked or that I found work to be easier, or maybe I just think that because I am home all day. I love being a stay at home Mom, but I feel as if my workday never ends. My husband announces at 10:30 at night that he is going to bed and he goes straight to bed and within five minutes I can here his snoring. I can’t just go to bed right away. I have to make my “rounds,” doors/windows have to be checked and locked, toys put up, lunches made and place in the fridge, laundry, check on my daughter (pull the cover off her head), clean any dishes up (I have a thing about having a well sanitized kitchen and bath) and plenty other odds and ends. I lay my head on my pillow and usually have to get up once or twice because I forgot something. This is my new life and as tired and tedious as it is I always remind myself I am doing this for my family and not for other people.

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I am still here. I have been so busy with life as of late I have not had time to do much of anything really. My life is so different from when I first started this blog I hardly know who that girl was, but I am enjoying my life. I hope to get to write more in the future. DV

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I spent a week in Vegas and for the most part I was highly unimpressed. I know you are thinking, but Vegas is fun! Eh, it is fun if you have quite a few vices (drinking, smoking, gambling etc.). I am happy that this trip was mostly paid for by my husbands company. We only paid for my plane ticket and food. I hope my husband is sent to Florida next year for training with his company 😉 946110_10200173709289143_641204290_n

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Victorian Houses

One of my passions is architecture. I love Victorian Houses, not only because some of them resemble castles, but for their quirkiness. Some have color schemes that normally would not go together, but they meld together in a Victorian House. Below is an example of a Victorian I am making (Sims 3) and I love it. Screenshot-584

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Drama Whores!

Me, Me, Me! *OR* Why me! Why me! I have to say it as it needs to be said…. Drama Whores on facebook are annoying. I do not need to know that you broke up with your girlfriend/boyfriend for the 1000th time. I do not need to know how much they suck and how other people are always “in yo bidness” and can’t a drama whore catch a break? These people run through relationships more  than people through a turn-style at your favorite ride and they never see the obvious problem – ::::drum roll:::: “THEM!”

And for the love of all things sane, never , but never comment on one of their drama ridden spews about an ex or you will be doused in their verbal venom (especially if you have common sense as it eludes them). If it is a “friend” you can’t be arsed about casually delete them if you so choose. If it is a family member that you would rather not go through drama with at family reunions and gatherings, put them on ignore.

Carry on and enjoy your drama-free life 😉dramadv

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I am Still Around! DV

Novi City-20120409-00061The past year of my life has been very busy with the birth of my daughter and getting married. I want to start blogging again as I may have some time on my hands. My husband and I have agreed that I should stay home with our daughter (DV). I am excited to stay home with her and watch her grow (she just turned one) and to work on some creative projects. I hope to speak to you all soon….

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