Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

I would say this woman is a complete idiot, but! You know what I am going to say it like it is, people like her hate America, they hate the success of it, they live under the belief that it was stolen from the native people. AND she considers herself and all other Latinos the true owners if you will of this country. These type of people are raised to be victims and to absolutely loathe white people. I am not saying all Latin people are this way, but there is an underlying racism towards white people within some of them. And make no mistake it is racism. The sad part is so many of us put up with it…. And I will say you cannot talk about children being separated from their parents at the border, when you are perfectly fine with a baby being ripped from the Mother’s womb and forever separated. I cannot and will not take you seriously.

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I pay attention more than I speak. I am me.
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