Drama Whores!

Me, Me, Me! *OR* Why me! Why me! I have to say it as it needs to be said…. Drama Whores on facebook are annoying. I do not need to know that you broke up with your girlfriend/boyfriend for the 1000th time. I do not need to know how much they suck and how other people are always “in yo bidness” and can’t a drama whore catch a break? These people run through relationships more  than people through a turn-style at your favorite ride and they never see the obvious problem – ::::drum roll:::: “THEM!”

And for the love of all things sane, never , but never comment on one of their drama ridden spews about an ex or you will be doused in their verbal venom (especially if you have common sense as it eludes them). If it is a “friend” you can’t be arsed about casually delete them if you so choose. If it is a family member that you would rather not go through drama with at family reunions and gatherings, put them on ignore.

Carry on and enjoy your drama-free life 😉dramadv


About parlezamerican

I pay attention more than I speak. I am me.
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1 Response to Drama Whores!

  1. Ugh, I wish more folks followed this rules. This is the reason I pretty much created a private Facebook to avoid all of the fools on my old friend lists…. Glad to see you’re back around!

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